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Electric retractable door installation steps
Time: 2019-06-13 16:27:00

(1) Installation steps of electric retractable door machine:

1. Place the movement on a head plate of reasonable size;

2. Open the clutch and hang the chain;

3. Adjusting the movement to align the movement fixing screw hole with the fixing hole of the head plate;

4. Place the fixing screws in the fixing holes, turn the screws slightly, and do not tighten them;

5. Adjust the four headless hexagon socket screws on the movement base until the chain swings two fingers wide;

6. Tighten the four fixing screws of the movement base after adjustment;

7. Finally close the clutch.

(2) Installation steps of electric retractable door detector:

1.First fix the detector fixing bracket on the headboard;

2.Then loosen the two fastening screws on the detector fixing bracket;

3.Insert the detector into the fixed bracket until the distance between the low

4.end of the detector and the ground is 25mm, and the required distance is 20mm~30mm. (Note: the one with the scale on the detector should face the installer)

5.It is best to tighten the two fastening screws on the detector mounting bracket to ensure stability.

(3) Steps for installing the electric retractable door magnet:

1.Choose the right ferrite magnet Y25BH

2.Use a hammer drill to fit a suitable magnet to install a round hole

3.Select the polarity of the magnet so that the polar directions of all the magnets are the same.

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