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Specific knowledge of electric telescopic columns
Time: 2019-06-13 15:25:00

What are the specific knowledge of the electric telescopic column? I would like to introduce to you, I hope that I can help you in life. At present, China's automatic lifting column system is divided into pneumatic split type, hydraulic integrated type, hydraulic split type, mechanical Four types.

1. For large-scale projects, the use of pneumatic split type is cost-effective. Its power source is the compression of air, which will not cause damage to the environment. The aerodynamic characteristics determine that the lifting column does not have a climatic environment for the place of use. It will be too picky and has great stability, and the construction quality will be easy to protect.

2, medium-scale or small-scale projects, mostly using hydraulic integrated automatic lifting column, hydraulic drive, more power, more synchronization with the column body, no excessive noise when used, fast construction, quality is easy Guarantee.

3. The hydraulic split type is used for small-scale and high-investment projects. It is difficult to construct and requires hydraulic commissioning personnel to participate in the installation. The environmental requirements of the project are high. If hydraulic leaks are found, it is necessary to excavate the road surface for repair. Lifting columns are used for many occasions such as urban transportation, gates and surrounding areas of important state organs, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots, etc.

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