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Introduce a good choice of outdoor gate agent brand for you
Time: 2017-09-28 15:42:00
     Contact with outdoor gate industry friends all know that the industry although promising, but in a cluttered market, single is electric folding gate in foshan has many brand, really let the gate agent is difficult to choose. Therefore, QiGong gate industry specifically summarized, gate agent to join which brand is good? Hope to inspire you:
  1.Choose good brand

  Someone says, the choice of a is half the success, indeed. Now a lot of gate agent is in contact with the industry for the first time, if the manufacturer is irresponsible, market operation difficulty, is doomed the fate of elimination. So how to choose the telescopic door manufacturer? Should from the plant scale, market sales, consumer word of mouth, number of stores various factors such as comprehensive consideration, the best insight into factory on-the-spot investigation, QiGong gate fully reimbursed to the joining trader, this is also an expression of the factory power.

  2. Good at using factory support
  For gate agents, manufacturers provide support policy is directly related to the rights and interests of oneself, should be reasonable fully apply to their own business, such as qi gong door in front of the shop to provide subsidies storefront fitment, door head, shelves, sun umbrella and other promotional materials, after opening to provide advertising, graphic advertising design, advertising, wall advertising platform, taxi mobile advertising support, send a professional marketing team help franchisees to do in-depth area can pin, exhibition, community activities such as sweep the floor and street road, helped to open gate agents rapid sales, other manufacturers to provide the profit, more pin, the supporting policies are entrepreneurs must make full use of.
  Gate agent 3, do a good job in training
  Gate agents not dozen not ready to fight, so to actively do a good job in preparation, training, etc. QiGong gate industry always adhere to the "to teach fishing is better than teach them to fish" agent to join in concept, to provide systematic training for every entrepreneur, including product knowledge, installation, training, marketing skills, store management, and other comprehensive guidance. For first-time entrepreneurs cooperation, qi gong door industry with emphasis agent to join a plan, from store decoration, product placement to opening event planning of actual combat, implement one-to-one step-by-step, help entrepreneurs quickly grow up to be independent of QiGong gate industry agents.
  4. Combined with market terminal
  The same only change in the world, unpredictable and opportunity fleeting, telescopic door market agents according to the market flexibility making corresponding marketing plan. Such as the north should focus on main "gate" of the corresponding products; Regional economic level is relatively low in rural township, focus on implementation of affordable durable telescopic doors, telescopic door (main performance; A second-tier cities of consumer level is high, the demand is high, the life can has complete functions, high precision of telescopic door products.
  In fact gate agents want to earn money is not difficult, as long as you choose good brand, good at using manufacturer support, training, combined with the market make terminal can be certain of success.
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